Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli participates in the program “Coca-cola supports the youth”

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mr.  Vesel Makolli as a representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare was present at the “Coca-Cola Youth Support Network” event organized by the company “COCA COLA HBC-Kosovo”. A special feature of this program was the empowerment of young people in their development and motivation in building competitive capacities in the labor market. As a result of this program, during this event were certified 150 young people who attended training during October-November 2018, where they were subsequently empowered in the labor market and self-employment.

The program in question “Coca Cola Supports Youth” aims to find and give the best opportunities to our young people so that they gradually perfect their potential for a more successful performance in the future.

Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli emphasizing the fact that the Republic of Kosovo in itself constitutes a new population, he said that the country’s institutions are now focused on developing human capital training by considering youth as the main potential for development in our country.

“The Republic of Kosovo is comprised of a new population, therefore our institutions are focused on the development and training of human capital by looking at youth as the main resource”, said Mr. Makolli.

Mr. Makolli inter alia expressed and at the same time pledged that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which has a daily focus on youth and its development, will maximally engage in finding modules and development projects that would contribute to employment young people and their preparation for the labor market.

By being aware of how important such arrangements are in our country, Mr. Makolli promise that such programs will continue in the future and all this to enable our young people to have easier access to the job market, gaining their jobs or developing them in general.


Participants in this networking event were representatives of local and international institutions, representatives of private businesses and other business networks operating in Kosovo.