OVW KLA supports Minister Mr. Reçica for initiatives undertaken for the benefit of veterans, families of martyrs and war invalids

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, today visited the Organization of War Veterans of the Kosovo Liberation Army. He said that, as always, even today I felt proud of this visit I made to OVW KLA.

Minister Mr. Recica together with the chairman of this respected organization, Mr. Hysni Gucati, discussed the situation of veterans in this difficult pandemic situation and other topics of common interest.

Minister Mr. Reçica informed Mayor Mr. Gucati and received his full support for the MLSW initiatives related to the necessary legal changes that enable all KLA war veterans the right to work in the private sector, as well as to allow the benefit of meritorious pensions for the families of martyrs and war invalids.

In this meeting, Minister Mr. Reçica gave support to the chairman of the OVW KLA, Mr. Hysni Gucati, that all their concerns and requests will be realized in accordance with budgetary possibilities and legislation in force.