Ministry of Labor and the American Chamber share 60000 euro for construction of houses for homeless families

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, have announced today that together they agreed to create a fund of 60,000 euros, which contributed jointly with 30,000 euros for the construction of houses for homeless persons to They are living in difficult financial conditions. Leaders of both institutions announced the selection of beneficiaries and the beginning of construction of houses will occur within a 30 day period through an open process.
“The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is grateful to AmCham for such an initiative, expressing the conviction that through the effective use of funds will be aimed at meeting the needs of some families this year, with the hope that initiatives such common, where great contribution gave himself businesses, will continue in the future, “said Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi.
Minister Mr. Abrashi further said that the improvement of living conditions for the categories of people living in difficult conditions is a constant goal of the ministry he heads.
On the other hand, the Executive Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Mr. Arian Zeka, said that thanks to the contribution of businesses and other friends of the foundation AmCham has become possible to raise funds, which have been aimed at supporting the construction of housing for homeless families. He also thanked the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has decided to contribute equally to this important initiative. Mr. Zeka said that the Board of Governors of AmCham will set up an independent commission, which will deal with the evaluation and selection of beneficiaries, part of which will be personalities from civil society.
Member companies of the American Chamber of which have contributed to the collection of funds for housing construction are: IPKO, Vala, NewCo Ferronikeli, Meridian Corporation, Coca Cola Hellenic, Pristina International Airport – Limak Kosovo, Bank NLB Prishtina, Elkos, HIB Petrol, Devolli Corporation, Mabetex, Z-Mobile, Railtrans, Recura Financials, Servisshped, Hymeri Kleemann, Alcatel Lucent, CEO, Vllesa-Co, ASDA, and Boga & Associates and Gjirafa Inc.