Minister Mr. Reçica, in today’s meeting of the government, presented the proposal for the approval of the decision on financial compensation for the delegates of the 1990 legislature

Prishtina, on 21 September, 2020

In his reasoning, Minister Mr. Reçica said that these are the delegates who participated in the meeting of the Assembly of Kosovo on 2 July and 7 September and continued to hold meetings until 24 May, 1992.

From this decision 105 deputies will benefit proportionally the amount of 2,733 euros. For those deputies who are not alive, the full one-time financial compensation will be enjoyed by the deputy / spouse of the deputy, or the child up to the age of 18, while if they are in studies until the age of 26.

With this decision today, the government of Kosovo, fulfilled an obligation to those who in difficult times had the intellectual and national courage to be with the people by declaring Kosovo a Republic and issuing the Constitution of Kaçanik, these acts which precede the developments large in subsequent years in our country.