Minister of MLSW, Mr.Reçica, meets the director of the Non- Governmental Organization “Thirrjet e nënave”, Mrs.Nesrete Kumnova

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr.Skender Reçica, received today in a meeting the Director of the Non-Governmental Organization “Thirrjet e nënave”, Mrs.Nesrete Kumnova.

During this meeting, Mr.Reçica expressed an exceptional regard to her, and pledged to provide a continuous help and support in her mission to clear up the fate of the missing persons from the last war in Kosovo, without leaving behind their families who still have their wounds unhealed.

Minister Reçica promissed that this issue will be treated properly and the care for the families will not be missed.
Mrs.Nesrete Kumnova notified the Minister Reçica about the activities and challenges of the Organization “Thirrjet e Nënave”, and at the same time, he thanked the Minister for his commitment.