Minister Mr. Abrashi deepens cooperation with institutions of working in Germany

Berlin, 02 September:  With aim to deepen cooperation in the field of labor and welfare, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi is staying in a two-day working visit in Germany.

On this occasion, Minister Mr.  Abrashi met the State Secretary of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr.  Jörg Asmussen, with who discussed the materialization forms and possibilities of cooperation in vocational training and institutional capacity building, which would lead to the preparation of a workforce agile, skilled and productive in Kosovo.

Minister Mr. Abrashi also visited the Organization of Federal Craft and Chamber of Commercial and Industrial of Berlin, which was discussed and agreed to start the cooperation through training of trainers, the launch of the exchange of trainees, providing access to financial assistance and substantial for training programs in the field.