The NCSHW approve the work plan and reccomandation for the Government

Prishtina, on March 16, 2018
Under the direction of Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Çerkin Dukolli, the National Council for Safety and Health at Work, held the next meeting.
The Council today reported on the state of the working medicine institutes and the recommendations that emerged, based on findings from the last visit of these institutions in Obiliq and Gjakova.
The members of the Council through a written report, unanimously approved by all the participants, recommended that the Republic of Kosovo currently needs two work medicine institutions.
Likewise, the Government should form a commission that will review the current status of the Obiliq Medical School of Medicine and come up with a concrete decision. The Council has come up with recommendations for the National Institute of Medical Medicine in Gjakova, which was found to need specialization of new staff in the field of occupational medicine.
Also in this meeting it was recommended and proposed that the Ministry of Health compile the list of occupational diseases, based on the economic specifications of Kosovo
In conclusion, the Council has also approved the work plan and concrete activities for 2018.