Switzerland ratifies the social security agreement with Kosovo

Today, His Excellency, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) Mr. Jean-Hubert Lebet, handed the verbal note on the ratification of the historic agreement on social security between Kosovo and Switzerland, an agreement that has already been ratified by the Swiss state.

This is an important news for all citizens and the state of Kosovo, because with the ratification of this agreement ultimately triumph the right of citizens to re-gain from pensions and benefits, which was for years denied to many of our compatriots who for years have poured their sweat with the contribution given to the Swiss state and the survival of their families in Kosovo.

We thank all our associates for the realization of this agreement and also a special thanks also to our friend state Switzerland, who has expressed the readiness to solve the Social Security issue once again, which will pave the way for the signing of agreements such as other states.

Our citizens will soon be notified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare regarding this agreement and all the procedures for applying and realizing their rights.
Congratulations to all citizens, congratulations to all beneficiaries of Kosovo’s pension