Deputy / Minister Mr. Qazim Rahmani visited the Municipality of Podujeva

29 April 2015- In the wake of his activities, Deputy / Minister of MLSW, Mr. Qazim Rahmani visited the Municipality of Podujeva where in the meeting was hosted bythe mayor Mr. Agim Veliu. During the meeting they discussed for the mutual cooperation and seeking opportunities for projects related to the welfare of minority communities.

Deputy / Minister Rahmani informed the Mayor Veli with the plans and projects of MLSW, which together with UNDP, the World Bank and other mechanisms, aimed atsupporting and encouraging young people, particularly from minority communities to the institution for registration employment and vocational training to them, in order to be ready for the labour market.

Mayor Mr. Veliu welcomed the initiative for mutual cooperation. While talking about the integration of minority communities, he said that the municipality of Podujevaa,can serve as a model for other municipalities.

Also Deputy / Minister Rahmani was briefed on the inclusion of minorities in the education system, also realized that the municipality of Podujeva provides free textbooksfor young people to secondary education community.

Deputy / Minister Rahman thanked Mayor Mr. Veli for the hospitality and expressed the commitment of MLSW to support the municipality of Podujeva for its further projects.