Deputy / Minister of MLSW Mr. Safet Kamberi is standing on a visit around the Regional Employment Platform in Vienna, Austria

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Safet Kamberi, is staying in Vienna, Austria where he is participating in the Regional Employment Platform, meeting in which are participating the representatives of all the Western Balkan countries.

This joint meeting, supported by the European Union, in which are participating also the  countries with the high development progress in different areas of the region aimed at strengthening regional cooperation and capacity building of the administration of these countries in the field of labor market and social policy reforms.

The strategy, which is being held in Vienna of the Austria aims to create conditions for a different environment of the overall development which is more sustainable and more inclusive in terms of employment policies selected and the quality of public employment services. Objectives are defined as demand on the nationally level and typically consisting: preventing and reducing unemployment, promoting equal opportunities in the labor market, improving services for the unemployed or other like those.