Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli made the inauguration of renovations at the premises of the Special Institute in Shtime

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Vesel Makolli, today participated in the inauguration of the renovations of the premises at the Special Institute in Shtime.

On behalf of the Minister of MLSW, Mr. Skender Reçica, the Mr. Makolli thanked all those who differently care for the well-being of the residents of this Institute, in particular the new Bank of Ljubljana (NLB), thanks to its donations, this investment has already become a reality.

“It is my pleasure to be in this middle ground, to inaugurate this donation, respectively these repairs, which were done at the premises of the Special Institute of Shtime. Although MLSW has a special budget line for these institutions, these donations and assistance are very welcome, based on our financial standing. Helping those in need is the respect and honor that comes to humanity, “he said.

Mr. Makolli added, not human and human help is even more valuable, given to the Special Institute, which takes care of 24 hours for people in need.

In this institute is offered treatment and care for 67 persons, of which 23 are not citizens of Kosovo. Mr. Makolli has also greeted the tireless work of the staff who care for these people, not just health care, but within the possibilities also creates a pleasant atmosphere with a sense of family circle.

Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli congratulated the residents for the year that we are entering 2019, wishing for a better year, while the problems, problems and negative energy remain the year we are leaving.

Residents and staff responsible for the residents have also greeted NLB representative, Agim Hasani. He expressed happiness that NLB has done something good for these people. “We hope that this donation will not be the last, so I feel very good that this modest investment will contribute a little to improving the lives of residents of this institute,” said Hasani.

For the donation and the successful completion of the works, the Director of the Special Institute in Shtime, Xhemajl Dugolli has also greeted and thanked.