Deputy / Minister Shurdhaj in Mitrovica

Following the implementation of the EU project “Beautiful Kosovo” in Mitrovica was inaugurated sidewalks and green areas. The ceremony was also attended by Deputy / MLSW Minister, Mr. Fatmir Shurdhaj and Head of the EU operating in Kosovo, Mr. Krostof Stok, Mayor of Mitrovica, Mr. Avni Kastrati and many citizens of Mitrovica.
Addressing the participants, Mr. Fatmir Shurdhaj said that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo will continue to invest in Mitrovica, not only here Ibrit, but also beyond developing projects that bring together people creating a life happy for everyone.

Mr. Christoph Stok, Operations manager in the Office of the EU in Kosovo, said that this project is not only that the EU has made in Mitrovica, but is without doubt one of the most important projects that the EU has implemented specifically for citizens Mitrovica.