Held National Council for Economic Development

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj took part in the meeting of the National Council for Economic Development, which said that, MLSW was interested to contribute to the alleviation of unemployment and economic development to be the center of attention. We as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare we are in the evaluation phase for amending some laws, expected to take place shortly and which will directly affect economic growth favors. Deputy Minister Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj in the meeting stressed that the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will support any initiative that affects employment and decreasing unemployment in Republic of Kosova, so we give our commitment as Minister in the future to focus on various projects , with public-private partnerships and various projects for self-employment. And at the end of the meeting, mentioned the creation of the Employment Agency and drafting the Law on ESC (Economic and Social Council).