Today visited the Municipality of Istog a Deputy Minister of MLSW Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj and Deputy Minister of MAFRD Mr. Vezir Jonuzi.

Mayor of Istog Mr. Haki Rugova presented the plans and projects of the municipality for investments and employment of the population, Ms. Hajzeraj-Beqaj presented the projects and new opportunities of MLSW for the municipality of Istog with special emphasis on self-employment projects that They are very attractive for the citizens of the municipality of Istog, while Deputy Minister Mr. Januzi announced the Mayor Mr. Rugova for MAFRD projects within the development of agriculture through grants and subsidies that will impact this municipal to be beneficial in projects this ministry.

Also part of the delegation was Mr. Tahir Shabani, Chairman of the Association of Friendship French Albanian who invited the Mayor Mr. Rugova to be part of the delegation within the Public Forum, organized by the WTO in Geneva.

The Mayor Mr. Rugova welcomed the delegation and thanked the Deputy Minister’s for the initiative for mutual cooperation between the municipality of Istog and respective ministries.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Communities and Returns Mr. Qaush Balaj.