Mr. Reçica hosted the young people from Kosovo who will be professionally trained in Germany

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) Mr. Skender Reçica hosted a group of young people from Kosovo, who were selected for vocational education and training in Germany within the framework of the ‘Ausbilgungsinitiative 2018’ program between MLSW and GIZ which is being implemented in cooperation with the Bavarian Builders Association in Germany.
The first six students will travel to Germany today, while nine will travel in October this year.
Minister Reçica congratulated students on the opportunity given to them by saying that MLSW, together with the German state through the GIZ organization, will co-operate in similar programs, choosing the opportunities for our young people to be trained in different fields.
“Young people are the mirror of our state. The skills that you will benefit in Germany wish you turn it into practice once you return to Kosovo. Our country needs professionally trained young people who contribute to the country, transforming itself into an example for other generations, “said Reçica.
The students thanked the minister for their reception and support, saying that the skills that they will benefit during their stay in Germany will use them to serve the country once they return to Kosovo in order to contribute to the growth of social welfare.