Reçica submits to Malisheva the decision that the services of the war categories pass from the region of Gjakova to the region of Prizren

Malisheva, on 14 January, 2021
The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, stayed today in Malisheva to officially submit the decision he has taken as Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, that Veterans, Invalids, families of martyrs and categories from the glorious war of the KLA from today the services which have performed in the regional offices in Gjakova to perform in Prizren.
“I would very much like to have the Mayor, Mr. Ragip Begaj present on this important day for Malisheva, to whom I sincerely wish full health and recovery, in order to return as soon as possible to where he best serves the citizens of this municipality “, said Minister Reçica.
Mr. Reçica said that he is very happy that in submitting this decision, along with the Deputy Mayor of Malisheva, Mr. Hajdin Berisha, were also present the representatives of the Association of KLA Veterans, the Association of Martyrs’ Families and the Association of War Invalids, with whom he talked about the decision and other issues that concern these categories.
“Today we have implemented a continuous request of the citizens of Malisheva, respectively respected categories and municipal institutions, in order to facilitate their access to services through the transition from the region of Gjakova to that of Prizren,” said the Minister of MLSW, Skender Recica.
He also said that, with the representatives of the KLA War categories and the municipal authorities, I shared the important plan of the MLSW, which affects all municipalities in Kosovo, and which has to do with the opening of offices in each municipality, where the categories from the war to receive the services guaranteed by law to the municipalities where they live and work.
“The values of the war and the support for the categories that emerged from the war have always been my commitment as Minister of Labor and Social Welfare and above all of the political organization to which I belong,” said Minister Reçica at the end.