Response of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare’s article ” Unfair departures from social schemes”, published in the daily “Zeri”, dt. 25 August, 2014, by the writer of the article Kajtaz Gecaj

In order to right the correct information to a wider public, especially to make them clear paper author. Mr. Kajtaz Gecaj and Mr. Halit Beranit, Chairman of RC of CSRFH, of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) estimates that the conclusions in the above-mentioned article does not stand at all, which of course are made in the absence of reliable information. The following is just a few arguments, which denies the allegations and findings of this paper.
Social Assistance Scheme (SAS) is just one of the many other social schemes MLSW, which is established in Kosovo in 2000 with the purpose of supporting and providing temporary financial assistance to families who are in poverty.