Clarification to the opinion of the Ministry Labour and Social Welfare

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Nenad Rasic, has not rejected the findings of the 2012 Workforce Survey published by the Statistical Office of Kosovo, Department of Social Statistics, Division of Labor Market

Statistical Agency of Kosovo is the only authority which deals with the extraction of data and publish them at the country level, and trust entirely credible data Statistical Agency, which states that the unemployment rate is 30.9%

Referring to record statistics from the regional employment offices under the Integrated System of data that the unemployment rate varies from 35-40% from these figures that were presented yesterday have not been included in the database of SIMPIT, according to MLSW which the data integration at the end of 2012 has registered (254,000 jobseekers) all job seekers submitted to regional employment offices from 2002 to 2012 are considered outdated data.