MLSW and Initiative for the Development Agricultural in Kosova sign memorandum of cooperation

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW), Arban Abrashi and Director of the Initiative for the Development of Agriculture in Kosova (IADK), Zenel Bunjaku, today signed a Memorandum of Cooperation “Economic empowerment and capacity building of the widows in the region of Mitrovica and Pristina “. The agreement foresees the opening of eight (8) buffets in eight (8) schools four (4) municipalities in the region of Mitrovica and Pristina, which will employ 32 widows.

By agreement also envisaged that through the opening of new working places to enable the economic empowerment of women, their support for entrepreneurship training and contributes to the improvement of conditions for children in school in these regions, offering food for the symbolic compensation.

Implementation of the project, as part of this agreement, carried out in coordination and cooperation between MLSW and IADK, while the total value of 315,000€ of the project is covered mainly by the European Commission, which includes a solid contribution from the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

Upon signing the Agreement, the Minister Abrashi re-emphasized its commitment to help the widows and children in need and in this regard IADK to inform partners of its commitment to deepen cooperation with partners and donors in order to promote vulnerable groups.