The Minister of MLSW, Skender Reçica participated in the publication of the research “Labor Market Needs’’

The Minister of MLSW, Mr. Skender Reçica, today participated in the publication of the research of the Kosovar Business Alliance (KBA), “Labor Market Needs”, where reflecting the findings of the trend of local and foreign entrepreneurship 2000-2016, the trend of employment 2006-2016, the trend of remittances 2008-2016, the trend of foreign investments 2008-2016 and other findings.

This research was supported by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. The main purpose of this research was to identify needs in the labor market.
Minister Reçica, evaluating the research, emphasized in this case that labor market needs research is one of the main factors, which in reality should also determine the course of vocational training and student education based on labor market needs.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has foreseen that within the framework of the government plan and the plan for implementation of the European Agenda Reform to carry out a labor market needs research. MLSW for the research of the labor market needs has engaged the Kosovar Business Alliance and several other organizations. This research and other research are a starting point for the implementation of the Sector Strategy and Employment Action Plan, pointing to the real needs for the directions that businesses feel the lack of workforce, Minister Reçica continued.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare through professional teams within the MLSW will analyze this research but also other research and strongly believe that the findings and recommendations of these researches will help us to create more effective policies of employment and vocational training, with purpose coordination of activities we will cooperate also with other Institution of the Republic of Kosova, especially MEST, but also with Businesses in the Republic of Kosova and Diaspora, closed his speech Minister Reçica.