Minister Abrashi meets the ambasador of Italy, Sardi

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare hosted today the ambasador of Italy, his Excellency Piero Cristoforo Sardi, in Kosovo. Ambassador Sardi, being thankful for the hospitality, expressed his interest in Minister Abrashi’s views about developments in Kosovo.
He was particularly interested in the progress report of the European Commission, its challenges and achievements,  the approach of the Government of Kosovo to address the obstacles and  also in the developments on pension schemes for veterans.

Minister Abrashi thanked the Ambassador of Italy  for his interest and the help provided to Kosovo in the last two decades. At the same time, Minister Abrashi explained the undertaken measures by him and MLSW, especially those concerning the active measures of the labour market to stimulate employment in general and especially the employment of marginalized groups.
Minister Abrashi expressed his astonishment regarding the exclusion and reflection of these measures in the progress report by the European Commission, which would give a more realistic picture of the situation regarding employment and government activities.

Minister Abrashi and Ambasador Sardi have agreed to continue their cooperation in the field of employment and social welfare through conrete projects.