Minister Mr. Abrashi distributes gifts to residents of the Special Institute of Shtime

It distributes gifts and was glad those who were so moved today by the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi accompanied by his associates that in case of change on the eve of New Year’s holiday visited a Special Institute of Shtime and distributed gifts to a total package with 63 residents who stay in the institution and at the same time considered the most serious category and the specific needs in our society.

Minister Mr. Abrashi in the distribution of these gifts with different things said that this action is the least thing we can do in this regard for these people but promised he will work to significantly improve more conditions where are these people. At the same time, the minister was also informed about the work and the situation in which social service workers of this institution and promised them that his personal commitment will affect the establishment of conditions and welfare for these workers.

Also today, the Minister Mr. Abrashi together with the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mr. Kadri Veseli visited and distributed together with different things gifts for residents of the House for Elderly People without family in Pristine assuring them that this will not be the last gesture of caring for this category but will engage and will be looked all real opportunities to help them in other aspects in infrastructure and to care for them and for their best welfare.