It is held the constitutive meeting of the Social Economic Council of Kosovo

Prishtina, 16th of November 2017

Today, Social Economic Council of Kosovo (SEC), held a constitutive meeting where new members of the Council were introduced.
The Chairperson of SEC for this year is the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare. In today’s meeting, in agreement with all the members of the SEC, it was decided that SEC is headed by the Minister of MLSW for a calendar year, starting from today.
In today’s meeting, special emphasis was also put on the functionalization of the professional committees of SEC.

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, while talking about the commissions of the Council, claimed that the work of the SEC Commissions have not been so functional and since the Constitution of the Council in 2011, they were not active, referring reports from the Secretariat of SEC.

Considering that  professional work of SEC is based on these commissions, Minister Reçica stressed that we need more reports, information and professional recommendations.