Mr. Makolli attended in the conference, dedicated to marginalized groups

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mr. Vesel Makolli took part in a conference organized by the Advocacy Training and Resource Center and in partnership with USAID on the topic “Implementing Institutional Obligations in Improving Rights of Marginalized Groups”.

In his case, Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli said that the Republic of Kosovo, while respecting international principles, has guaranteed the rights and freedoms of the citizen, by law, also development policies, building and advancing the welfare of all citizens of its own, respecting legal norms and principles.

“One of the laws regulating these issues is Law no. 03 / L-019 on Ability, Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities, as amended and supplemented by Law No. 05 / L-078. In addition to institutional support, this law obliges employers to hire a disabled person in every 50 employees. When this is not respected the employer is obliged to pay in the Kosovo budget monthly contributions in altitude of a minimum page, “he said.

In order to improve and improve the position of marginalized groups, MLSW in cooperation with interest groups is drafting subsidiary legal acts stemming from the applicable law, which we consider to be completely complete legal framework.

Deputy Minister Mr. Makolli emphasized that the legal framework is only an instrument that regulates and defines the legal basis in general, but for the successful addressing of the position of marginalized groups, cooperation and coordination of institutions directly or indirectly related to the labor market need to be coordinated.