Makolli attended the mammography reception ceremony for QKMF in Mitrovica

Deputy Minister of MLSW, Mr. Vesel Makolli, participated today in the inauguration and commissioning of mammograms for QKMF in the Municipality of Mitrovica, where the Ministry of Labor is one of the contributors to this donation. The event also attended the Mayor of Mitrovica Mr. Agim Bahtiri and of Skenderaj Mr. Bekim Jashari.

On behalf of Minister Mr. Skender Reçica, Deputy Minister Makolli thanked all those who in different ways have contributed that this equipment is very necessary to serve the citizens of Mitrovica.

He said breast cancer disease has spread widely and has not spared even the most developed countries, but the percentage of deaths from breast cancer occur in low-income countries due to late diagnosis and lack of breast cancer adequate medical services.

Mr. Makolli has underlined that we should not be afraid of breast cancer, since we can completely cure it, if we find it in the early stages. “The hardest thing is the decision to check, the rest is simply applying cure and medical guidance and an increased will to live. Believe that you can and are halfway. Life is 10 percent what happens to us, while 90 percent is the part of how we react. “Appreciating the great role of women in society as one of the main pillars of humanity, he expressed that we should have special respect for him.

Deputy Minister Makolli at the end of his speech wished that cases with breast cancer diseases be as rare as possible, and those who are currently suffering to recover as soon as possible.

He also thanked all those who have contributed to the fundraising that this equipment is very necessary to serve our wives and mothers.

The fundraising campaign was initiated by NGO ‘Opportunity’ and assisted by other donors such as Skenderaj, Mitrovica, Rotary Club, MLSW, and various NGOs.