Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi, today presented the Association of Pensioners, the Administrative Instruction for work disability pension. On this occasion he informed them with procedures for pension.

The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Safet Kamberi, attended the launching ceremony of the project "Integrated Territorial Development" (InTerDev) 2, funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation and implemented by UNDP. Presented at the launch were Andrew Russell- Permanent Representative, UNDP, Gernot Pfandler- Ambassador, Austrian Embassy if Pristina, MAFRD, Rodoljub Mladenovic, as well as Mayors of the three Municipalities Strpce, Dragash and Vitia who signed a memorandum of understanding. This project was launched in the second phase project called ADA and interest empower small farmers.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi, is participating in the Third Conference of Donor Coordination in the Western Balkans, organized by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), which is being held in Sarajevo.

In the panel on 'Employment: Challenges creation of new jobs in the region ", he stressed Minister Mr. Abrashi in particular inter-regional and MLSW has unveiled steps to mitigate unemployment and creation of new jobs.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi together with the Mayor of Municipality of Istog Mr. Haki Rugova and representatives of Caritas Kosovo have signed today an agreement of cooperation and co-financing for the project "Establishment of home health and outpatient care (homecare) for 2017" in the Municipality of Istog.

The deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr.Safet Kamberi, signed the Cooperation Memorandum with the NGO – Islamic Relief Worldwide, for a reciprocal cooperation with MLSW in the implementation of different humanitarian projects. 

The Deputy Minister Safet Kamberi has stated that based on the the responsibilities that MLSW has, he will try to stay close to vulnerable people of this category in support of their requests. He also emphasized that deaf people are a natural and  integral part of society, therefore the institutions of the Republic of Kosova are putting so much effort to create conditions, guarantee, and other opportunities through different ways for appropriate trainings for this category, without descriminating them.  

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare of the Government of the Republic of Kosova, Mr. Arban Abrashi visited three new busineses, Formon,  JCoders Academy and Milingona, which were supported as part of the self-employment program. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare is co-financing with the organization HELP, in implementation of self-employment project since 2015.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Arban Abrashi, on the occasion of Teachers Day, organized by USESC, he greets the teacher of the Republic of  Kosova, thanking them for their hard work, which inspired idealism and sacrifice for freedom and knowledge of the entire generations.

Being invited by the four Ministers of Development and International Cooperation, that of Belgium, Sweden, Holand and Denmark, who are also the co-organizers of the National Conference of Brussels “She Decides”, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr.Arban Abrashi, is going to participate in this initiative.

Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Safet Kamberi, is staying in Vienna, Austria where he is participating in the Regional Employment Platform, meeting in which are participating the representatives of all the Western Balkan countries.

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