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About the Department

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Legal Department include:  

1.1. Coordinates and participates in developing normative acts in close cooperation with the Minister’s Cabinet and Departments and with other organizational units from the scope of relevant Ministry.

1.2. Responsible for finalization of all draft normative acts;

1.3. Ensures matching of normative acts proposed by relevant ministry with the legislation applicable in the Republic of Kosovo and with the EU legislation-Acquis, in cooperation with departments, units or individuals in charge for developing draft normative acts, by including the development of Matching Statement (MS) and Matching Tables (MT);

1.4.Provides legal opinions for the scope of the MLSW;

1.5. Cooperates with Legal Office in developing, monitoring and reporting of Legislative Programme and other activities related to legislation development process; 

1.6. Identifies legal dispositions of normative acts that are unapplicable;

1.7.Cooperates with the Ministry of Justice for representing the MLSW in the Court;

1.8.Coordinates activities on law implementation with relevant MLSW units and with other Ministries and Government;

1.9.Maintains and updates the MLSW sub-legal acts records ;

1.10.Submits sub-legal acts to the Legal Office after approved by the Minister;

1.11.Ensures completion of legal tasks on law implementation and other dispositions within  the scope of MLSW;

1.12.Develops draft decisions and other materials required by the General Secretary and the Minister;

1.13.Addressess all claims and complaints of physical and legal persons, against the decisions of relevant MLSW bodies, according to procedures and timeframes set by applicable legislation;

1.14. Carries out other tasks set by applicable legislation

2. Head of the Legal Department reports to the General Secretary.

3. Legal Department is composed of the following Divisions: 

3.1. Division for Legislation Development and Alignment;

3.2 Division for Monitoring of Law Implementation, Legal Support and Inter-institutional Cooperation in the Field of Legislation;

3.3. Claims and Complaints Review Division.
4. Number of the Legal Department staff is seventeen (17).