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Monitoring and Control Division

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Monitoring and Control Division:

1.1. Monitoring and control of implementation of legal and sub-legal acts for pension scheme and benefits users;

1.2. Investigation of irregularities and illegal acts when applying for pension schemes;

1.3. Identification and correction of irregularities and potential errors rergarding the procedures for pension schemes benefits;

1.4. Cooperates with institutions which can provide information, such as central and local institutions and agencies, religious institutions;

1.5. Cooperates with all commercial banks regarding the changing of bank accounts based on users’ requests;

1.6. Maintains and updates the database based on the request from users or local officials

1.7. Identifies and develops requests for the return of funds and wealth acquired illegally;

1.8. Cooperates with Pension Offices in establishing sustainable monitoring system for identification of possible payment errors;

1.9. Assists in monitoring and reporting of implementation of Department’s objectives;

1.10. Monitors and controls the decision-making legitimacy on Pension Offices beneficiaries;

1.11. Manages the monitoring and control team and staff;

2. Head of Monitoring and Control Division reports to the Head of Pension Department;

3. Number of Monitoring and Control Division staff is eight (8);