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Pension Department

1. Tasks and responsibilities of the Pension Department include:

1.1. Managing and administration of pension schemes set by applicable legislation;

1.2. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of policy/strategy papers on the Pension System in the Republic of Kosovo;

1.3. Proposes, develops and ensures implementation of pension schemes’ legislation;

1.4. Timely management of pension payments for pensioners;

1.5. Manages and maintains registers and statistics of pensioners’ payments;

1.6. Ensures implementation of the procedures for realization of rights to pension for Kosovo citizens who have worked abroad;

1.7. Proposes and initiates procedures for reaching bilateral agreements in the area of social security;

1.8. Maintains the paperwork for all expenditures related to the distribution of pensions;

1.9. Monitors the status of pension beneficiaries.

1.10 Develops regular periodic reports on the area of pensions.

2. Head of Pension Department reports to the General Secretary.

3. The Pension Department is composed of following Divisions:

3.1.Pension Policy Division;

3.2. Pension Schemes Division;

3.3. Division of Pensions from Abroad

4. Number of Pension Department staff is fifty five (55).