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Scope of Procurement Department

• Procurement Officer under the new law deals with public procurement or grant contracts signed in accordance with the PPL;

• Establishes fees for opening and evaluating bids;

• Monitors, evaluates performance, organization and functioning of the sectors within the procurement department;

• It provides assistance to division officials sectors;

• Procurement Department reviews and implements the requirements of all departments contained within the MLSW;

• Organization of workshops on procurement of goods and services

Procurement Division

• It has to do with different supplies of goods, services and construction required by MLSW;

• First you have to be reviewed and analyzed requirements, market research done, for the price but also for the quality;

• Make a commitment of funds for the request and if we have availability of funds begins procurement procedures;

• If submitted numerous requests for an item, e.g. computer equipment, then have to prepare tender documents and the deadline published in accordance with the rules of the PPL;

• Officer verifies receipt and inspection of procured goods if indeed coincides with delivery sheet and when the authorization processes that ascribes an application for the goods from a department, which shall be signed by the applicant and submitted to the Chairperson or a procurement officer release for payment;

• Formed the committee to accept the facilities constructed or renovated within the Ministry as provided in CCP

Inventory Control Division and Property

Inventory Control Division and the Property do:

• Inventory monitoring MLSW;

• Registration of property and inventory which has MLSW;

• Setting the bar codes on inventory;

• Loading and unloading of inventory movements by each employee within the Ministry;

• Formation of the Committee for laying of inventory that is completely damaged;

• Formation of the Committee for providing inventory that is still to use as gift any association;

• Recording of inventory, makes the writing also electronically;

• At any time should have finished the inventory if required by any center of the Ministry

Division of Special Projects:

Civil Engineering is responsible for planning the maintenance and development of MLSW and infrastructure;

• Assist in planning public works construction, refurbishment and other for the whole Ministry;

• Assist in preparation of documents that describe the work, schedules and documents necessary to perform these tasks;

• Assist in evaluation of tender documents and prepare them for the contract;

• Preparation of tender documents for construction;

• With a close cooperation of the staff of MLSW, engineering analyzes will repair and needs to manage investment and renovation projects for the Ministry;

• The task will also be responsible for developing the security system, IT infrastructure and opportunities in the building entrance;

• Monitor the use of equipment in MLSW, provides the necessary price for development based on operational requirements including ownership;

• Develop plans for equipment repair and reconstructions projects;

• Manages equipment repair and renovation projects, in collaboration with World Bank officials, according to CFA rules and directives of the World Bank;

• Makes measuring repair works for offices, buildings and new construction estimates for capital;

• Prepare bills of quantities, contract documents for each position and prepare memo for payment under the invoice for work performed;

• Monitor several projects simultaneously and provides that the amount to be justifying the project