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Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Nenad Rasic took part in a roundtable discussion on regional program against trafficking of human beings, organized thanks to close cooperation between the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and the German Agency for International Cooperation - GIZ, an organization which supports institutions and governmental organizations which focus on the promotion of political, economic, ecological and social.

 Minister Rasic thanked the representatives of this organization for providing support on their side and stressed the fact that Kosova still has challenges where you can act and work and praised the fact that finding solutions and concrete projects will help enormously important step towards sustainable development.

‘’ I am here to give my support to the realization of any project that will impact the development and improvement of people’s lives, so I congratulate you for the work they are doing today so that this meeting will emerge with concrete solutions,’’ said Minister Rasic.

GIZ’s representatives have already stated that this organization will start with concrete projects in Kosoba in the development and capacity building, combating poverty, education and training for professional training, rural development projects and human resource management, promoting the administration public,

concrete programs to combat trafficking in human beings of many areas where the thought that today Kosovo standoff

During the meeting the leader of this organization, Mr. Wolfgang Jessen, said it was necessary cooperation with relevant ministries for health and social policy in the state, in order to design solutions for the systematization of social policies and strengthening of capacities related to their role in a decentralized system such as supervision , direction, quality insurance, etc.. In this inter-institutional cooperation, to have real effects, Mr. Jessen mentioned the role and involvement of NGOs as provided in this program.

Implementation of this program is provided in four countries: Kosova, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina with duration of five years.
 Minister Rasic assured the participants that immediately after concrete recommendations and conclusions that will emerge from this meeting will start immediately to work effectively in achieving the project by signing the agreement of understanding that will be implemented soon.