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  The Social Security Agreement between Republic of  Kosova and      Switzerland is signed

At a ceremony in Pristina, today was signed a Social Security Agreement between the Republic of Kosovo and the Swiss Confederation, which opens the way for the realization of the rights of citizens of both countries in the field of social security.


On behalf of the Government of Republic of Kosova, the agreement was signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, while on behalf of the Swiss Government it was signed by Swiss Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Jean-Hubert Lebet.


Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica said that this agreement is of special importance because it directly affects citizens of the Republic of Kosova and Swiss citizens who will realize their rights such as the right to retirement age, family pension and disability pension.

"Citizens of Republic of Kosova are returning a right which they have not enjoyed many years since the termination of the agreement that was linked between the former Yugoslavia and Switzerland. It is being turned to the right to exploit the benefits for which the citizens have contributed over the years, " emphasised Minister Reçica.


Reçica said the termination of the Social Security Agreement concluded between the Confederation of Switzerland and the Former Yugoslavia of 1962 has created a legal gap in the field of social security between the two countries. Consequently, citizens of the two countries, since 2010, in the absence of this agreement, have failed to realize their rights in the field of social security in the countries of origin.

"With the signing of today's agreement, we are opening the way for the realization of these rights and in this case thank the Government of Switzerland and congratulate all citizens of Republic of Kosova for this great achievement for them," emphasised Minister Reçica.


Swiss Ambassador in  Kosova Jean-Hubert Lebet said the signing of the agreement is an important step in the bilateral relations of our countries marking the end of three years of negotiations where in this case thanked Minister Reçica and the negotiating team for excellent co-operation.

"One of the main goals of the agreement is to ensure that Kosovar citizens who have worked for years in Switzerland and returned to their country after retirement can retake their Swiss pensions on a monthly basis by living here in  Kosova, also, the agreement aims to strengthen co-operation between our countries in the fight against potential social security abuse, "Ambassador Lebet said.


The Social Security Agreement between Rpublic of Kosova and Switzerland comes into force after ratification by the parliaments of both states. Earlier, the Republic of Kosova signed the first international agreement on social security with the Kingdom of Belgium in February this year, signed by Minister Reçica and Belgian Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Maggie De Block, at a ceremony