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MLSW, MAFRD and Malisheva Municipality signed a seasonal employment agreement

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, MAFRD and the Municipality of Malisheva have signed a Cooperation Agreement on seasonal employment of 40 jobseekers in the forestry sector.

The purpose of this agreement is the realization of a program for sustainable forest management in silvicultural activities,  rarefaction  pre-market, cleaning, pruning, maintenance of forested objects and replacement of failed seedlings. Within the works and activities, the beneficiaries of this program will work on open forest paths, as well as forest protection from the fires.

The project of silvicultural treatments will employ 40 jobseekers in a six-month period and will affect some of the welfare of these families.

This project will be implemented in the area of Klecke / Klecka, Municipality of Malisheva and in close cooperation with the head of the Employment Office.