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The Employment of an member of each family: the Mr. Limaj and Mr. Reçica continue their meetings with citizens

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, together with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Fatmir Limaj, are continuing their meetings with the beneficiary families of social assistance in order to realize the project for the employment of a member of each family who did not no employees, who have at least one skilled worker.

Minister Mr. Reçica and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Limaj met with beneficiary families of the Social Assistance Scheme in the Municipality of Ferizaj, where they discussed the possibility of employing these members, including in active labor market measures.

Number two of Kosovo's Government, Mr. Fatmir Limaj, stated that Kosovo has the capacity within the prescribed deadline that all the families who can work from a job.

The Kosovo Government and the Ministry of Labor, according to Mr. Limaj, have the capacity to offer to all of you who are capable of working the opportunity to work.
"You have a lot of problems, disappointments and concerns, but our and your effort is for a better life. It is impossible to secure a welfare with social assistance. Can the state increase the social assistance, no, no more opportunity to increase. The road is the most cumbersome and sleeker, "said Mr. Limaj.

Further, Mr. Limaj said that it is better to work for 350 euros than to expect a social aid from the state.
"It's not quite money, but in the habit of work. We need work habits. What we are seeking is to help each other. I expect you to understand this mission that the municipality and the government, especially you, support each other, and in this municipality there are no cases where a family does not have any employees, " Mr. Limaj added.

Leaving social aid, Limaj said he would help those families who can not work. He has begged these families to address employment offices and start work.

Minister of MLSW Mr. Skender Reçica said that MLSW is committed to enforcing legal norms and drafting policies to increase employment. Being unhappy with what has been done so far for these families, the minister said it was necessary to embark on this important project.
"Unemployment in Kosovo will not only remain your concern, it is now our concern and commitment to fight and defeat together. I invite you to see this meeting together as a joint partnership, with a view to alleviating unemployment, "the minister said.

This project, according to the minister, goes beyond MLSW employment policies and has strong support from the country's government, especially Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Limaj.
"A significant number of beneficiaries, due to poor economic conditions, could not be professionally prepared. I invite them all to appear at the Employment Offices and visit the Vocational Training Centers to get the necessary trainings in a variety of profiles offered there, "Reçica said.
The Minister said that VTCs are a tremendous opportunity to be trained in a variety of profiles offered at these centers and to become part of the labor market.

Reçica said that MLSW is in constant contact with businesses and enterprises that have shown willingness to provide employment opportunities. Also MLSW is working intensively with several EU states for the possibility of signing seasonal employment agreements for our citizens.
"Employment growth is one of our top priorities and we will not allow a family without any employees," the minister said.
The minister pointed out that at the beginning of this year, with government decision, social assistance increased by 20% in the context of efforts to increase social welfare at least, and efforts will continue with other concrete commitments, while employment growth is a priority.

Earlier, Minister Mr. Reçica and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Limaj met with the beneficiary families of social assistance in the municipalities of Suharekë and Prizren, whereas such meetings will continue in other municipalities in Kosovo