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Minister Reçica: MLSW with comprehensive law for people with disabilities

MLSW Minister Skender Reçica was invited to report today to the Commission on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions regarding the implementation of the Law on Blind Persons.

Reçica said that MLSW currently enforces Law No. 04-L-092 on Blind Persons and Regulation No. 02/2013 on the Functioning of the Medico-Social Commission. In the legislative plan of the by-laws of the MLSW for 2018, it is foreseen the amendment and supplementing of the Regulation No. 02/2013 and the composition of the commission itself.

The Minister said that MLSW, for the purpose of advancing the legal framework and based on the Ministry's 2018-2021 Sector Strategy, the 2018 Work Plan, foresaw the drafting of the concept document for the Comprehensive Law on Persons with Disabilities.

"Following the adoption of this concept paper, the draft law will be drafted, which will ensure equal treatment of all categories of persons with disabilities, in accordance with international norms and practices, the purpose of which is to protect and promote their rights to financial gains and other benefits, "said Reçica.

Regarding the implementation of the Paraplegic and Tetraplegic Law, the minister said that by a government decision, since December of last year, a monthly compensation of 150 euros was paid for paraplegic and tetraplegic persons and their personal guardians.

Whereas, regarding the employment of persons with disabilities, the minister said that the employment of this category is not satisfactory, both in the private sector and in the public sector, especially in the latter, due to the shortcomings in the Law on Civil Service which does not envisage any provision where they can have priority in easier treatment.

"MLSW to implement Law no. 05 / l-078 on Amending and Supplementing the Law no. 03 / l-019 on Vocational Training, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities is at the end of drafting an Administrative Instruction on the manner, procedures and deadlines for monthly payment for employers who do not employ persons with disabilities.

This instruction stipulates that state administration institutions, private and public sector employers as well as non-governmental organizations are obliged to employ persons with disabilities with appropriate employment conditions and every employer is obliged to employ a disabled person in every fifty (50) workers.

Also, MLSW in the work plan for 2018 has foreseen the reform of the legal framework for state-funded pension schemes, where as an activity for 2018, it is foreseen the drafting of the concept document for the regulation and management of the area of pensions and benefits.