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Minister Mr. Reçica is at the based conference in Vienna talks about the peace in the Balkans

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, at the invitation of the Universal Peace Federation, attended the International Leadership Conference, "Towards Inter-dependence and Prosperity: The Role of Religious Leaders and Parliamentarians", held in Vienna on 28 and 29 April.

Mr. Reçica was invited, among many high-level representatives, to discuss the topic "Peace Paths in the Balkans", in the capacity of Ambassador of the Peace and Minister of MLSW.

During his speech, the minister said that we in the Western Balkans need to understand that policies should be directed towards good neighborly relations, economic development, removal of barriers and a path without alternative, such as the integration of the region into the European Union.

According to him, the shield of NATO allies is what he needs and will need our region.

"In the region, and in this case in Kosovo, we live free thanks to the efforts of many generations for freedom and peace and the last imposed war, the purpose of which was well understood by the international factor as a result of which, we had the intervention of the Democratic World, the NATO Forces, which will always be thankful for the creation of this peace, without which I would not be part of this panel, " said Reçica.

The Minister further said that the region, in its fragility, sees the arena suitable for any kind of extremism, including especially religious.

"Extremisms are trying all these years to build their orbit to interfering. The use of religion for political purposes and military and economic alignment itself is not only a religious extremism but also a goal with the aim of geopolitical influence over the region. "

Mr. Reçica said unfortunately, an agenda remains to be hit by aggressive policies, although Kosovo is very committed to maintaining peace and the protection and security of human rights, in particular communities, rights which are guaranteed also with the Ahtisaari Package and the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

"In this case, I want to emphasize that Serbia not only hesitates to recognize us, but it is doing a lot to prevent us in our path towards development and integration. She must understand that Kosovo is an independent state with a clear goal, economic development, peace keeping and the main goal, membership in the European Union. The good thing is that our people are oriented to their centigrade towards the West, so the neighboring countries need to understand that the region needs two basic things: peace and development. 

According to Reçica, today, we are all convinced that peace between us is preserved through internal dialogue, accepting each other as we are and where we are, recognizing our diversity as a value rather than as an obstacle and a risk, aspiring joining the common family, rather than putting each one under the wheel.

"Only united in our common family in Brussels whether for the European Union, for protection and security under the NATO shield, our region will leave behind the blood-stained past and wars."

To have our region even safer and more fulfilled, Reçica said that Greece, as a country with a tradition of the European Union, should accept Kosovo's independence.

"We also call on it to take the lead and take the initiative of this stalemate of the five states of the European Union. Kosovo's independence is also a Greek duty because we are neighbors and we have many ways to work together, "Reçica said.