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Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli called on employers to provide maximum security at workplaces
Prishtina, on 27 April, 2018

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare  Mr. Cerkin Dukolli, today participated in the marking of the International Day for Safety and Health at Work, organized by the company 'SharrCem'. In his speech, Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli said that institutional care for safety and health at work, besides being a legal obligation, is above all a human issue, because we are dealing with the preservation of human health and life.

"Providing a safe and healthy environment in our workplaces means saving the lives and health of workers themselves, employers, but also of all those who for some reason or another have access to the work environment."

Dukolli underlined that MLSW has taken considerable steps in this regard. "Consequently, we have harmonized the legislation in this area with that of the EU, we have built the executive inspection bodies and beyond it every year we are undertaking awareness campaigns in order to inform the parties about the obligations that they have in relation to the legal acts of Security and Health in work ".

Concerning the concrete measures in the preservation of occupational health, Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli informed the participants that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has established the National Council for Safety and Health at Work, which in its competencies has not only the status ascertainment but also the drafting of policies to improve the level of safety and health at work, as well as follow up on the safety and health status of employees.

Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli, who is also chairman of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work, urged all employers to create safe working environments, workers to take care of their safety and others, and anyway to use equipment appropriate for security and protection in their specific affairs.
He also encouraged the Labor Inspectorate to continue working under legal provisions through field inspections to enable full implementation of the applicable legislation regulating labor rights and obligations, as well as health and safety at work.