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"Meeting for Safety and Health at Work"

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Çerkin Dukolli attended a joint meeting between social partners, consisting of employers, employees and officials from the Government of the Republic of Kosova with the topic "Workplace Safety and Health at Work", organized by the Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Kosova - ITUK.

The purpose of this round table was the proper coordination between the social partners and the taking of steps in pushing and initiating the state towards the implementation of the Law on Safety and Health at Work, adopted earlier.

Mr. Dukolli during this roundtable thanked the organizers and participants of this meeting and announced that safety and health at work continues to be among the main priorities of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. He further added that legislation covering the area of safety and health at work is already regulated and all EU directives are incorporated.

"Initially, he expressed gratitude for the organization of this round table aimed at addressing the challenges of safety and health at work, which continues to be the priority of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. MLSW is the sponsor of the Law on Safety and Health at Work, which covers the entire range and regulates various professional issues related to the aspect of health and safety at work. We are working like every other year, even this year we have a awareness campaign in terms of respecting the rights of workers, "said Deputy Minister Dukolli.

Mr. Dukolli further added that another commitment that the Government has received in this regard is the functionalization of the National Council for Safety and Health at Work (NCSHW), a mixed-board council of government and social partners.
"The Council has visited the Medical Work Institutes in Obiliç and the National Medical Center in Gjakova, we are familiar with the work and capacities of these centers, however, and in our recommending role we will address each issue related to safety at work, storage and workers' health. This council will recommend to the Ministry of Health that as soon as possible the country to have Register of Professional Diseases, "said Mr. Dukolli.

Present at this meeting was also the representative of the Confederation of International Trade Unions -ITUC - PERC Mrs. Enisa Salimovic, who in her greeting speech said she highly appreciates the cooperation and mutual support of trade unions at the international level.

The important thing that was said at this meeting by various panelists was that more needs to be done in the implementation of laws that regulate the field of health and safety at work, respectively their implementation.