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Deputy Minister Dukolli attended the regional conference "Hidden Economy"
Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Ҫerkin Dukolli attended the first regional conference "Hidden Economy" held in Skopje, a conference organized by the Center for Research and Policy Making (Macedonia), Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania ) and Democracy for Development (Kosova).

On behalf of MLSW, the Deputy Minister congratulated the organizers of the conference, saying that such topics would contribute to enhancing cooperation, advancing and addressing the challenges of the hidden economy that our societies face.

Deputy Minister Dukolli stressed the commitment of the MLSW that in the framework of raising the level of social welfare and the realization of social justice, there is also the aspect of establishing legal standards from the employment relationship.

"In order to establish legality in the country and to mark economic growth, the government has prioritized its work in combating the informal economy, including combating non-formal employment," said the deputy minister.
Speaking about the rights of workers and combating the informality, Dukolli informed the attendees that MLSW is also fulfilling the amendment of the Law on Labor Inspectorate.

"MLSW remains committed and engagement to raising the level of respect for legislation, fighting the informal economy within its mandate, through its own legal mechanisms," the Deputy Minister said