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Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Skender Reçica participates in the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Labour and Social Welfare
Prishtinë, më 01 nëntor 2017

Minister Reçica informed the Parliamentary Commission on the challenges facing the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the priorities of the Ministry to sort out these challenges.

Minister Reçica thanked the Commission and expressed the readiness of close cooperation with the Parliamentary Commission for addressing employment and raising social welfare of citizens of the Republic of Kosova.

Addressing the protection of workers' rights, overseeing the implementation of the laws in force, by the sectors of the Ministry's, as well the members of the Parliamentary Committee, congratulated the Minister Reçica on the task taken in the Government of the Republic of Kosova, and at the same time congratulated him on the work and addressing of challenges, of a very important ministry such as MLSW.

Also, members of the Commission provided remarks and suggestions to the Ministry in addressing the challenges and agreed to assist the Ministry if it faced difficulties in implementing the objectives in order to increase the social welfare of citizens, protect the rights of workers and increase the safety and health at work.