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Minister Reçica meets the Ambassador of Kuwait in Albania, Mr. Fayez Mishari Al-Jassim

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica hosted the Ambassador of Kuwait in Albania, Mr. Fayez Mishari Al-Jassim. Minister Reçica thanked the ambassador for his visit to the Republic of Kosova institutions and MLSW in particular. Minister Reçica also thanked for the continued support that the Republic of Kosova has received from the state of Kuwait to the development and state-building of our state.

Ambassador of Kuwait, Mr.Fayez Mishari Al-Jassim, congratulated the Minister on the responsibilities he received, as well as the new Government.

On this occasion, Minister Reçica informed Mr. Al-Jassim for the situation in the Republic of Kosova, with special emphasis on the department he covers, pointing out that Kosova needs help and cooperation with friendly countries, such as Kuwait. Minister Reçica informed about the Kosova Government program focusing on reducing unemployment and hiring young people.

Mr. Al-Jassim expressed his willingness and the state of Kuwait to help the Republic of Kosova in this direction and pledged for further deepening of cooperation.

Mr. Reçica and Mr. Al Jassim came to the conclusion that this meeting is a good starting point for the steps to be taken in the future for the creation of Kuwait-Kosova cooperation bridges.