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The German humanitarian association 'Malteser' donated assistance to the Special Institute in Shtime
Shtime, 3rd of October 2017

The Special Institute in Shtime has received a donation from the German Humanitarian Association “Malteser”.

Today, the Malteser 's representative, Bernhard Serwuschok, in cooperation with the Kosovo activist, Mr. Hetem Misini, donated a contingent with assistance in clothing, food, inventory and hygiene items, as well as equipment for persons with disabilities who are residents of the Special Institute in Shtime.

The distribution of this donation is also provided by the  KHCS "Mother Theresa". The humanist from the 'Malteser' association, Mr. Serwuschok and the compatriot  who lives and works in Germany, Mr. Michael, will also visit other institutions and they expressed their willingness to assist with other contingent aids in the future.

The 'Malteser' Association donated a similar contingent of assistance last year to the 'Home of the Elders' in Pristina and to the Special Institute Shtime.