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Working groups finalize the social security agreement between Kosovo and Switzerland

Prishtina, on 27 April, 2017

In Pristina, from the date 24 to 27 April 2017, the second round of negotiations for bilateral agreements in the field of social security between Kosovo and Switzerland took place. During these days, the parties agreed to finalize the basic agreement on social security, the administrative agreement for the implementation of the basic agreement, and the forms required for the implementation of this agreement.

The negotiating parties agreed that the agreements reached be approximated by the working group chairpersons at the end of May in Bern. One month's time will require that the basic agreement, the administrative agreement, and the agreed forms to be translated into the respective languages, go through the necessary procedures within the respective states in order to approximate them by the end of May.

Thereafter, governments of both states will be required to sign the agreement. In the case of authorization, it is expected that the agreement will be signed by the respective ministers of the two countries during the second part of 2017 and then go through the internal procedures of the two countries for ratification.